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See also Dmac5 which is a similar device.

There are two channels, one located at paddr 0xE0050000 and another at 0xE0050080.

Fields (uint32_t):

  • 0: src
  • 1: dst
  • 2: size
  • 3: function
  • 4: keyslot
  • 5: iv
  • 6: next (for paddr list) -1 to halt
  • 7: start paddr list decrypt (pass paddr of first block)
  • 8: status (1 = running, 2 = error)

Overall seems similar to Dmac5 but commands are OR'd with 0x2080.

At paddr 0xE005003C there is a 4-byte PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator).

AES key or HMAC key is written to 0xE0050200. However, if func&0x80 is true, instead of writing the key it writes keyslot ID to 0xE0050010.


Function 0x0 is memcpy.


Function 0xC is memset. Memset-value is written to dmac_device+0x104. On FW 3.60, the memset-value is seen at offset +0x34.

Overwrite keyslot

If you set bit28 in function, dst is keyslot-id instead of physical address. This is used to generate random key 0x22 and 0x23 for suspendbuf.