Error codes

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bit 31: Whether there is an error
    - 1= error(Bits 30-0 follow the definition below)
    - 0= success(Definition of bits 30-0 is free)

bit 30: Error criticality (Critical)
    - 1= Fatal error
    - 0= Normal error

bit 29,28: Reserved
    - 00= Always fixed to zero

bit 27-16: Facility
    - 0x000= Reserved

bit 15-0: Error code
    - The specific meaning depends on the facility code.
    - Even if the error code value is the same, but the facility code is different
    - Please note that it is treated as a separate error number.


These are SK and SM error codes.

Name Hex Error code Remarks
SCE_SBL_ERROR_COMMON_ESTACK (?) 0x800f0029 C1-6432-5 sceSblAuthMgrSetupAuthSegmentForKernel / sceSblAuthMgrAuthSegmentForKernel: Returned after a failed sceSblAuthMgrAuthHeaderForKernel (?)
SCE_SBL_ERROR_AM_EINVAL 0x800f0516 C1-6703-6 If modulemgr tried to decrypt the segment and decompress it, but an error occurred. Or an error coming from SceSblAuthMgr with low probability
SCE_SBL_ERROR_DEVACT_EINVAL (?) 0x800f0616 C1-6761-0 sceSblAuthMgrAuthHeaderForKernel: FW version mismatch (?)
SCE_SBL_ERROR_AUTHMGR_ENOTINITIALIZED (?) 0x800f0b32 C1-7079-3 sceSblAuthMgrAuthHeaderForKernel: Invalid Media Type
unknown 0x800F0B33 C1-7080-5 Required system flags or inhibited system flags.
unknown 0x800F0B35 ? Some self attr/caps failed in syscall 6.