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A memory budget is an area of memory reserved by the system for a specific usage.


Here is a list of default budgets. They are allocated on boot by SceProcessmgr. They vary per FW version, and per boot flags.

Name Base paddr Size Comments
ScePhyMemPartGameCdram 0x20000000 / 0x21000000 (0.995 internal) 112MiB cdram for game
ScePhyMemPartShellCdram 0x27000000 / 0x20000000 (0.995 internal) 16MiB cdram for shell
ScePhyMemPartKD 0x40200000 / 0x40300000 (0.995 internal) 36MiB / 32MiB (0.995 internal) for kernel drivers
ScePhyMemPartPhyCont 0x42600000 / 0x42300000 (0.995 internal) 26MiB physically continuous memory
ScePhyMemPartShared 0x44000000 / 0x43D00000 (0.995 internal) 8MiB for shared modules
ScePhyMemPartGameCDialog 0x44800000 / 0x44500000 (0.995 internal) 9MiB for game cdialog
ScePhyMemPartShell 0x45100000 / 0x44E00000 (0.995 internal) 50MiB / 48MiB (0.995 internal) for shell
ScePhyMemPartShellDummy 0x78000000 128MiB If have dipsw 0xD2, setting this memory.
ScePhyMemPartReserved 0x47E00000 (0.995 internal) 6MiB (0.995 internal) reserved
Remaining memory (for Game +109MiB mode and system) 0x48300000 / 0x48400000 (0.995 internal) 125MiB / 124MiB (0.995 internal) Remaining memory for GAME.
ScePhyMemPartGame 0x50000000 256MiB
512MiB (0.995 internal)
512MiB on devkit and have dipsw 0x80.
for game
ScePhyMemPartGameDummy 0x60000000 256MiB If not have dipsw 0x80, setting this memory.
ScePhyMemPartTool 0x70000000 (0.995 internal) 256MiB (0.995 internal) for TOOL platforms
Special 3.50 devtool
Name Start End Size Comments
ScePhyMemPartShellCdram 0x20000000 0x20ffffff 0x1000000 cdram for shell
ScePhyMemPartGameCdram 0x21000000 0x27ffffff 0x7000000 cdram for game
ScePhyMemPartKD 0x40200000 0x426fffff 0x2500000 for kernel drivers
ScePhyMemPartPhyCont 0x42700000 0x440fffff 0x1A00000 physically continuous memory
ScePhyMemPartShared 0x44100000 0x448fffff 0x800000 for shared modules
ScePhyMemPartGameCDialog 0x44900000 0x451fffff 0x900000 for game CDialog
ScePhyMemPartShell 0x45200000 0x482fffff 0x3500000 for shell
ScePhyMemPartGame 0x50000000 0x6fffffff 0x20000000 for game
ScePhyMemPartTool 0x70000000 0x77ffffff 0x8000000 for TOOL platforms
ScePhyMemPartShellDummy 0x78000000 0x7fffffff 0x8000000 -