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SLB2 is the format used to store the encrypted bootloaders on the device.


See [SLB2 structure]

SLB2 embedded ENC Files

  • second_loader.enp_, size: 0xD400 bytes
  • second_loader.enp, size: 0xD400 bytes
  • secure_kernel.enp_, size: 0x8400 bytes
  • secure_kernel.enp, size: 0x8400 bytes

ENC file structure

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 0x64B2C8E5 Magic
0x4 0x4 Offset to data
0x8 0x4 Unknown
0xC 0x4 Unknown/Zero
0x10 0x4 Data size
0x14 0xC Unknown
0x20 0x20 ?Hash?
0x40 0x10 System Software version in ASCII (ex: "0000360000000000")
0x50 0x90 Zero
0xE0 Until Data Encrypted Header

The last 0x340 bytes is a footer that likely contains a signed MAC of the plaintext data.