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ScePaf is a C++ runtime.

Quick note on reversing. This module has many vtables that point to exported functions.

It would be great to start from marking which function belongs to which vtable.

This way we can restore initial class structure.

Known NIDs

Version Name World Privilege NID
1.69 ScePaf Non-secure User 0x614CFD65
3.60 ScePaf ? User 0xCD679177


Known NIDs

Version Name World Visibility NID
3.60 ScePafLowlayer ? User 0x2342266A
3.60 ScePafStdc ? User 0xA7D28DAE
3.60 ScePafMisc ? User 0x3D643CE8
3.60 ScePafCommon ? User 0x3C1965CD
3.60 ScePafGraphics ? User 0xA070D6A7
3.60 ScePafThread ? User 0x54276D19
3.60 ScePafResource ? User 0x2836DC9B
3.60 ScePafToplevel ? User 0x4D9A9DD0
3.60 ScePafWidget ? User 0x073F8C68