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Key manager used by Magic Gate.

To load this module on a non CEX platform, QA flag 0xB mask 0x10 is required.

Version World Privilege
3.60 Non Secure Kernel


Known NIDs

Version Name World Visibility NID
3.60 SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver Non Secure Kernel 0xE1856C6D


         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_1263FB04: 0x1263FB04
         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_1C5388D0: 0x1C5388D0
         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_20B66ADA: 0x20B66ADA
         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_4C82A466: 0x4C82A466
         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_5FECCE03: 0x5FECCE03
         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_71FA16B0: 0x71FA16B0
         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_8CFCAA52: 0x8CFCAA52
         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_8ECFFD7A: 0x8ECFFD7A
         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_B6AC3AE1: 0xB6AC3AE1
         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_BC7D86EE: 0xBC7D86EE
         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_D37C3DAE: 0xD37C3DAE
         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_DF3B808D: 0xDF3B808D
         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_EA534495: 0xEA534495
         SceSblMgKeyMgrForDriver_F8F856FC: 0xF8F856FC