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Version Name World Privilege
1.69-3.60 SceShellSvc Non-secure User


Known NIDs

Version Name World Visibility NID
3.60 SceShellSvc Non-secure User 0x773242c7
3.60 SceShellUtil Non-secure User 0xd2b1c8ae
3.60 SceShellUtilUketorne Non-secure User 0xa2316143
3.60 SceShellUtilLaunchApp Non-secure User 0xa0fd0261
3.60 SceSvcCtrl Non-secure User 0x33e9b101
3.60 SceIpmi Non-secure User 0xf4e34edb


typedef struct SceShellSvcTable {
	void *pFunc_0x00;
	void *pFunc_0x04;
	void *pFunc_0x08;
	void *pFunc_0x0C;
	void *pFunc_0x10;
	int (* sceShutterSoundPlay)(void *obj, int flag, void *a3, int a4_flag, void *a5, void *a6, int a7);

	// more ...
} SceShellSvcTable;


how to play shutter sound on SceShellSvc only

int sceShellSvcShutterSoundPlay(void){

	void *(* SceShellSvc_B31E7F1C)(void);
	void *ptr;

	int arg_a3 = 0, arg_a5[2];

	arg_a5[0] = 0;
	arg_a5[1] = 0; // sound type?

	taiGetModuleExportFunc("SceShellSvc", 0xFFFFFFFF, 0xB31E7F1C, (uintptr_t *)&SceShellSvc_B31E7F1C);

	ptr = SceShellSvc_B31E7F1C();

	((SceShellSvcTable *)(*(uint32_t *)ptr))->sceShutterSoundPlay(ptr, 0x140000, &arg_a3, 1, arg_a5, 0, 0);

	return 0;