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Manages Internet connectivity via a LAN9500-family device made by Microchip Technology Inc. (formerly known as SMSC).

The following VID:PID pairs are accepted by SceUsbEtherSmsc: 0x0424:0x9E00 (SMSC LAN9500A/LAN9500Ai), 0x0424:0x9500 (SMSC LAN9500/LAN9500i) and 0x054C:0x04C6 (0x054C is the Vendor ID of Sony Group Corporation).

This module will only initialize the device if either sceSblAimgrIsCEX() is false or (sceSysconGetHardwareInfo() & 0x80) != 0 (Console in IDU mode).

Querying a Sony Testing Kit limited Ethernet adapter (for PTEL-10xx) returns 0x054C:0x04C6 as the VID:PID pair.


This module only exists in Non-secure world. It can be found at os0:kd/usb_ether_smsc.skprx (TOOL/DEX firmware) and/or bootfs:kd/usb_ether_smsc.skprx (CEX since ?, TOOL/DEX since ?1.69?).

Version World Privilege
0.931-3.73 Non-secure Kernel


This module doesn't export any library.