Secure Modules

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sm common code

sm modules are loaded to 0x80B000, then code from that addr is executed.

There is a lot of common code shared between sm: entry, cmd handler, cmd setup, etc


This is the first code executed in sm. It's located at 0x80B000. It does the following:

  • Get random value (stack cookie?)
  • call_ctors()
  • sm_main()
  • call_dtors()
  • syscall 1: Unload
  • while(1) sleep()


These just call function pointers, basically libc_init_array.


It has a memory pool allocated on stack. It's filled with structures for command handlers. Then, it calls main_loop.


This uses syscall 4 (RegisterIrqHandler) to register a common handler for incoming commands. Then it loops while sm is "active". Then it sets handler for commands = null pointer.