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System Software

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*An application powered by [[Google Maps]] has been added.
*The PS button will now flash blue while the battery is charging.
*In [Settings], the position where [Flight Mode] appears has been changed.
*You can now publish stories about the products that you rate in [[PlayStation Store]] to Facebook.
*You can now report inappropriate messages in [Group Messaging] and inappropriate comments about an activity.
*“PlayStation Network account” has been renamed to “Sony Entertainment Network account”.
* An arrow icon will now display when PS Vita finds new activities in the LiveArea.
* Addition of installation progress bar for downloaded games and DLC.
* [[List of PlayStation minis|minis]] with a pre-set expiry date (such as those obtained via [[PlayStation Plus]]) now load correctly.
* Fixes security issues with two PSP games that allowed users to run unauthorized content on the device through an exploit.<ref></ref>
* Resolves an issue with the camera functionality when playing ''[[Dream Club Zero|Dream Club Zero Portable]]''.<ref></ref>
|align=center|'''1.69'''<ref></ref><br />June 11, 2012<br /><small>''Optional''</small>
* Improved system stability
* A savegame exploit within [[Super Collapse 3]] has been patched, disallowing the usage of VHBL via the game.<ref>12 June 2012, [ PS Vita Firmware 1.69 patches the Super Collapse 3 exploit],</ref>* Resolves a compatibility issue with the PlayStation Portable game ''[[Conception: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure!]]''.<ref></ref>
|align=center|'''1.691'''<br />July 4, 2012<br /><small>''Optional''</small>
* Resolves a compatibility issue with the PS Vita demo for ''[[Escape Plan (game)|Escape Plan]]''.
|align=center|'''1.80'''<ref>[ PSone Classics Coming to PS Vita via the latest System Software Update (v1.80) – PlayStation.Blog]. (2012-08-14). Retrieved on 2013-08-23.</ref><br />August 28, 2012
* Users can now play select [[PlayStation (console)|PSone Classics]] from the [[PlayStation Store]].
* Users can now map more combinations of PSP system buttons to the PS Vita right analog stick when playing PSP games or minis. In addition, users can also map a PSP system button to each of the four corners of the PS Vita system touch screen.
* [Import Saved Data] has been added to the LiveArea screen. This will only be shown for games that support this feature.
* Software stability has been improved.
* A savegame exploit within [[Monster Hunter Freedom Unite]] has been patched, disallowing the usage of VHBL via the game.<ref>18 September 2012, [ Vita Firmware 1.81 is out, patches VHBL],</ref>
;Treasure Park
* System buttons can now be used in more applications.
* [[Turkish language|Turkish]] has been added as a system language.
* In [Settings], users can now set how they will be alerted depending on the type of notification.
* [Disconnect Wi-Fi Connection Automatically] has been added to [Network] > [Wi-Fi Settings].
* [PlayStation Network]
* Support for [[PlayStation Plus]] has been added.* Users can now connect their PlayStation Network account to [[Twitter]].
* [Avatar], [Panel], [Online ID], [About Me] and [My Languages] under [PlayStation Network] > [Account Information] have been moved to the new category [Profile].
* [PlayStation Mobile] has been added under [System].
* The rendering engine has been improved.
* The [Browser] now uses additional [[Graphics processing unit|GPU]] processing power.
* Tapping on a YouTube link will now open the respective video in the YouTube app.
* The [[HTML5]] and [[JavaScript]] engines have been upgraded.
* Users can now send their current [Browser] URL using their Twitter settings.
* Users can now access the [Browser] while in an application or game.<ref>[[Shuhei Yoshida]] on Twitter.</ref>
* A pointer can now be used (in conjunction with pressing L or R and tapping on the screen) to select links.
* Enhancements to [Email] now allow users to view [[HTML]] messages, add multiple email addresses to contacts, and search messages.
;Group Messaging
|align=center|'''2.60'''<ref>[ PS Vita Firmware Update v2.60 Released, Download Now]. PlayStation LifeStyle. Retrieved on 2013-08-23.</ref><ref>[ PSVITA Mandatory OFW 2.60 Now Live ·]. (2013-08-06). Retrieved on 2013-08-23.</ref><br />August 5, 2013
* Default release firmware for the [[PlayStation Vita TV]] in Japan.
* [Devices] has been added under [Settings].
* Closes exploit in Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot.
* Closes undisclosed exploit in Pool Hall Pro.
* Fixes screenshot compression bug for ''[[Gravity Rush]]'' and ''Everybody's Golf'' introduced in firmware 2.10.
* System stability has been improved.
* A savegame exploit within [[Arcade Darts]] and other games has been patched, disallowing the usage of VHBL via the game.<ref>29 August 2013, [ PS Vita compulsory Firmware 2.61 is out, patches the ‘Arcade’ exploits],</ref>
* [Parental Controls] has been added to the home screen.
* Future system software updates can now be downloaded automatically.
* [[Portuguese language|Portuguese (Portugal) language]] has been updated to reflect changes due to the [[Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement of 1990]].
* System stability has been improved.
* Several Game Exploits, [[Fieldrunners]] and others, that were actually undisclosed, got fixed. This disallows the usage of VHBL via these games.<ref>11 November 2013, [ Sony patched up to 20 exploits with Vita firmware 3.00],</ref>
* [Group Messaging] has been renamed to [Messages].
* The icon has been changed.
* Messages can now be sent to and from the PS4 and mobile devices running the [[PlayStation App]].
* Contacts can now be synchronized from Gmail and Yahoo! Mail using [[CardDAV]].
* [Adjust Daylight Savings Automatically] has been added.
* [30 minutes] has been added to [Enter Standby Mode Automatically].
* (''Japan only'') [[PocketStation]] functionality has been integrated into the system software.<ref name=fami310>2014-03-25, [ PS Vita、PS Vita TVのシステムソフトウェア バージョン3.10が提供開始、カレンダー機能追加など盛りだくさん!], [[Famitsu]]</ref>* Added [[DualShock 4]] compatibility to the [[PlayStation Vita TV]].<ref name=fami310/>
* Added PlayStation Mobile compatibility to the PlayStation Vita TV.<ref name=fami310/>
* Use of an [External Keyboard] is now supported (for example, PlayStation Bluetooth Wireless Keypad).
* Added a new [Calendar] application that synchronizes with [[Google Calendar]].
;Content Manager
* ''(PS Vita TV only)'' Full functionality for [[PlayStation Vita TV]] remote play with PS4 systems added.<ref>2014-04-17, [ PS4“システムソフトウェア バージョン1.70”の内容が公開、ニコニコ生放送や各配信サービス内の動画アーカイブへの対応、HDCP信号オフなど], [[Famitsu]]</ref><ref>2014-04-17, [ PS4がバージョン1.70へのアップデートでニコ生HD配信などに対応!], [[List of magazines published by ASCII Media Works#Active|Weekly ASCII]]</ref>
* Savegame exploits in various undisclosed exploit titles have been fixed.<ref></ref>
* [Import Saved Data] feature has now been fixed after becoming broken with release of system software 3.15.
* PS4 Remote Play now supports two players simultaneously.<ref name=330jp/>
* Added timezone for [[Nouméa]] and daylight savings support for [[Wellington, New Zealand]].{{Citation needed|date=February 2016}}
* "Intellectual Property Notices" are now listed in the app menu on the LiveArea screen.
* A savegame exploit, several kernel exploits, a WebKit exploit and some internal system flaws have been fixed.<ref></ref>
* The system's [Browser] now supports closing all open windows.<ref name=330jp>[ PlayStation®Vita/PlayStation®TV システムソフトウェア バージョン3.30 アップデートについて], Accessed 2 October 2014</ref>
* Improvements to the [Browser]'s ability to load pages and compatibility with [[HTML5]]/[[Javascript]] content have been made. [[HTML5test]] score increased from 291 to 345.<ref>2014-10-01, [ PS Vita System Update 3.30 Now Live: Adds Themes, Improves Browser, Allows PS Vita TV To Use NA Accounts], PSNStores</ref>
;Content Manager
* Support for Content Manager Assistant with [[Windows XP]] and [[Mac OS X Leopard]] has been discontinued.{{Citation needed|date=February 2016}}
*A savegame exploit in the PSP game [[Go! Sudoku]] has been fixed.
*Enables compatibility with the Live from PlayStation app (requires firmware 3.30 or higher) available to download from the PS Store.
;PS4 Link
*The Maps application has been removed.
*'near' will not show Maps and other related content anymore.
*PSN has been renamed to [[PlayStation Network]]
*The [Chat] setting under [PlayStation Network] > [Sub Account Management] has been renamed as [Chat/User-Generated Media].
*Sub account users can now be restricted from sending and receiving [Messages from other players] in [Messages].
*System software stability during use of some features has been improved.
*Revoked [[PlayStation Mobile]].<ref name="Rejuvenate"></ref>
*Fixed the "Rejuvenate" exploit.<ref name="Rejuvenate" />
*Removed the system-wide [[Facebook]] integration.
*Fixed kernel mode exploit that enabled the usage of eCFWs within the PSP emulator of the PS Vita.
*Fixed the "custom bubble" exploit.<ref></ref>

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