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The DEM series are pre-production models used by Sony for development before the PDEL series (which resembles more closely to the production PCH-1XXX series). There is speculation that the DEM models use different keys than production models (both PDEL and PCH series use the same secure boot keys).

User Jerry Yin of AssemblerGames found a couple of working DEM-3000X units and gave a teardown with photos of the process.


CP daughterboard.

The following is an attempt to map key areas of interest on the DEM-3000X device. All items appear in PCH units (in different locations) unless otherwise specified.

  1. Wifi/BT module. There exists an [ANATEL filing] but nothing with the FCC since Sony decided to certify the entire PCH motherboard instead.
  2. Power distribution network. Ceramic chip, analog logic assumed.
  3. Decoupling network for Kermit as well as P1P40167 clock synthesizer IC and a 27MHz crystal.
  4. Back camera connector.
  5. eMMC storage, 4GiB.
  6. Syscon and related crystals. Chip is labeled "D79F0109 ES1.0 10301M001 MALAYSIA" and is likely a Renesas IC with a custom RISC based CPU core.
  7. Accelerometer. Kionix KXTC9
  8. Top: ST32F100B6 microcontroller. On PCH units it's a slightly different model (ST32P10S0E, undocumented). Likely used to interface with the sensors and/or controller. Left: unknown, probably some sensor. Right: Gyroscope, ST 3GA51H model.
  9. MAX1161 analog to digital converter. Likely connected to #18 connector on the backside. Interface to prototype back panel maybe? Not found on PCH models.
  10. Front panel connector. Slightly longer than PCH models likely due to different panels. Probably also contains front camera interface as well.
  11. Start/Select buttons. Not found on PCH models (it's on the side-board).
  12. Power management. Same network found on PCH units with extra chips for charging/battery fuel gague.
  13. Boot-up LEDs. Same as in PDEL units. Connected to GPIO.
  14. Kermit SoC, pre-production version. Labeled "Toshiba T9ML6TLxxxx JAPAN 105xxxx A29590" (xxxx are unclear from picture). Earlier model than the FCC filing for PDEL which had a "T9ML7MBG-S".
  15. MIPI DSI 3 lanes for front panel.
  16. MIPI DSI 4 lanes for HDMI conversion IC (to #24). Only found on VitaTV and PDEL units.
  17. Unknown IC, cannot find mapping to PCH unit.
  18. Connector to back touchpad.
  19. Audio codec IC. Labeled "WM1803E 06ABRT4". On top right (outside box) is an IC related to the antennas.
  20. Unknown connector pads.
  21. Battery for CP.
  22. mini PCIe connector for CP daughterboard. Does not follow PCIe signal interface.
  23. Unknown transistor/logic network.
  24. MIPI DSI to HDMI translation chip. ADV7533 model.
  25. HDMI connector
  26. mini-USB connector from the CP.