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Although the MeP architecture docs specify that with EVM=0, the reset/NMI vector base is at 0x00000000 it is observed that the vector base is actually at 0x00004000. However, EVA/IVA still work as expected when EVM=1. Both secure_kernel and second_loader set EVM=0 at the start. This is likely modified hardware behavior and the vector base remapping might be done when the bootrom is unmapped.


Address Device
0xE0000000 Private:Communication Ports
0xE0010000 F00D Reset
0xE0030000 Private:Key Ring Controller
0xE0040000 Private:Math Processor
0xE0050000 Private:Bigmac
0xE0058000 Private:Key Ring Base
0xE0070000 Private:Key Ring Reset