Cmep Key Ring Base

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Address = 0xE0058000 + 32 * Slot

Permission bits

Bit Function
0x01 accessible for bigmac encrypt
0x02 accessible for bigmac decrypt
0x10 ?
0x20 crypto operation supports a keyslot dst
0x80 related to bootrom functionality. If set then permissions for this slot can be reset
0x400 dst can be memory
0x800 can be written directly by f00d (?)
0x1000 can be read directly by f00d

Key Ring Slots 0xE0058000

Slot Initial Valid Initial Protection Protection (1.69) Ever Valid (1.69) Set By? Description
0 N 0x0442 0x0442 Y ? ?
1 N 0x0442 0x0442 N ? ?
2-7 N 0x0442 0x0040 N ? ?
8 N 0x049F 0x0081 Y ? enp per-console key
9 N 0x049F 0x0080 N ? ?
0xA-0xF N 0x049F 0x0080 Y ? ?
0x10 N 0x0502 0x0502 N ? supports decryption only
0x11-0x1F N 0x0502 0x0100 N ? ?
0x20 N 0x061F 0x0200 Y ? Derived from 0x344, used for hmac-sha256 over enc files
0x21-0x24 N 0x061F 0x061F N ? supports encryption and decryption
0x25-0x2F N 0x061F 0x0200 N ? ?
0x30-0x34 N 0x041F 0x041F N ? ?
0x35-0x7F N 0x041F 0x0000 N ? ?
0x80-0xFF X 0x0000 0x0000 X ? Not used
0x100 N 0x041F 0x041F N ? ?
0x101-0x17F N 0x041F 0x0000 N ? ?
0x180-0x1FF X 0x0000 0x0000 X ? Not used
0x200-0x203 Y 0x0002 0x0000 Y ? ?
0x204-0x205 Y 0x006F 0x006F Y ? ?
0x206 Y 0x00AF 0x00A0 Y ? Used to derive key used to decrypt personalized layer over enc. Should be per-console.
0x207 Y 0x00AF 0x00A0 Y ? Used instead of the above key when secret debug mode is set. (Possibly non-per-console?)
0x208-0x20D Y 0x00AF 0x00A0 Y ? 6 keys used to decrypt enc metadata, which one is used depends on key revision in enc header
0x20E-0x20F Y ? 0x0010 Y ? Maybe per-console emmc crypto keys? Protected by second_loader.
0x210-0x211 Y 0x001F 0x0000 Y ? ?
0x212 Y 0x001F 0x001F Y ? ?
0x213 Y 0x001F 0x001F Y ? Used to derive SMI keys, which are used for factory fw decryption. Per-console.
0x214 Y 0x001F 0x0000 Y ? Used to derive keyslots 0x514, 0x515 in second_loader
0x215 Y 0x001F 0x0000 Y ? ?
0x216 Y 0x001F 0x001F Y ? Derive 0x502-0x504 by encrypting data in second_loader.
0x217 Y 0x001F 0x0000 Y ? ?
0x218-0x2FF X 0x0000 0x0000 X ? Not used
0x300-0x33F Y 0x0002 0x0000 Y ? ?
0x340 Y 0x012F 0x012F Y ? Used to decrypt keys into the 0x10 key slot
0x341-0x343 Y 0x012F 0x0120 Y ? ?
0x344 Y 0x022F 0x0220 Y ? Used to derive key 0x20 in brom.
0x345-0x348 Y 0x022F 0x022F Y ? Used to decrypt keys into one of the 0x21-0x24 key slot
0x349-0x353 Y 0x022F 0x0220 Y ? ?
0x354-0x3FF Y 0x001F 0x0000 Y ? ?
0x400-0x47F N 0x1800 0x0000 N ? ?
0x480-0x4FF X 0x0000 0x0000 X ? Not used
0x500 N 0x1800 0x1800 N ? ?
0x501 N 0x1800 0x1000 Y first_loader Used by bootrom first_loader to figure out whether to load from eMMC or ARM comms after reset
0x502-0x504 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? Related to Ernie SNVS
0x505 N 0x1800 0x0000 N ? ?
0x506 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? ?
0x507 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? ?
0x508 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? Ernie HW version (from syscon cmd 0x1). Set to 0x100060D on 1.692, 0x100010A on 1.05, 0x0100010B on 1.50
0x509 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? IDPS of unit (console id)
0x50A N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? Byte15bit0,byte14bit0,byte14bit1,byte11bit4: Revocation related. Byte13bit0: Enable F00D debug prints.
0x50B N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? From 0xD2 SNVS block 0, 8 bytes
0x50C N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? Flags. Set to 1 on 1.692 and newer, 0 on older
0x50D N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? OpenPSID
0x50E N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? Current firmware version. Comes from SNVS.
0x50F N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? Factory firmware version. Comes from idstorage.
0x510 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? Some bit flags, comes from syscon cmd 0x90 offset 0xE0
0x511 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? Unique per boot session id, Syscon shared 0xD0 session key
0x512 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? Tick count? Used in Syscon encrypted communication. Set to a random value when session key is set.
0x513 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? DRAM size. Set to 0x20000000 on retail, 0x40000000 on devkit.
0x514 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? F00d-cmd F01 AES-256-CMAC key. Protected on 1.05.
0x515 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? F00d-cmd F01 AES-256-CBC key. Protected on 1.05.
0x516 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? F00d-cmd F01 writes (u32)1 here when exporting the infoblk. Next time main() executes this flag is cleared.
0x517 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? When initializing the EEPROM, this is zeroed if 0x50D has bit8 clear (on 1.692).
0x518 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? Another current FW version (3.60+?) Comes from SNVS.
0x519 N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? 00s
0x51A N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? Randomized 0x20 byte key unique every boot/reboot/resume used for kernel coredump encryption
0x51B N 0x1800 0x1800 Y ? Some kind of model info 0x406000 on retail and 0x416000 on devkit, obtained from syscon command 5
0x51C-0x57F N 0x1800 0x0000 N ? ?
0x580-0x5FF X 0x0000 0x0000 X ? Not used
0x600 Y 0x1000 0x1000 Y ? aimgr_sm.self cmd 0x3 return, VisibleId/FuseId
0x601 3 0x1000 0x1000 Y ? ?
0x602 3 0x1000 0x1000 Y ? ?
0x603 3 0x1000 0x1000 Y ? ?
0x604 3 0x1000 0x1000 Y ? ?
0x605-0x607 3 0x1000 0x0000 Y ? ?
0x608-0x6FF 0 0x0000 0x0000 X ? Not used
0x700-0x7FF 3 0x1000 0x0000 Y ? 16 public RSA keys for enc, which one is used depends on public key revision from enc header.