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Key Ring Controller is at 0xE0030000:
See : https://wiki.henkaku.xyz/vita/F00D_Keyring_Regs#Keyring_controller
  +0x00 = EEP_DATA0
  +0x04 = EEP_DATA1
  +0x08 = EEP_DATA2
  +0x0C = EEP_DATA3
  +0x10 = EEP_DATA4
  +0x14 = EEP_DATA5
  +0x18 = EEP_DATA6
  +0x1C = EEP_DATA7
  +0x20 = EEP_LINE
Writing <code>line_id</code> to <code>EEP_LINE</code> will trigger writing the <code>EEP_DATA</code> registers into said line.
Writing <code>((prot<<16)|line_id)</code> to <code>EEP_SET_PROTECTION</code> protects a line. prot is a bit mask, 0x1000 makes reads from f00d return 0.
Writing <code>line_id</code> to <code>EEP_GET_PROTECTION_REQ</code> returns current prot in <code>EEP_GET_PROTECTION_RESP</code>.
This device is mapped to ScePervasiveResetReg +0x190 for controlling reset and enabling mask writing.

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