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This page has the status for driver bringup for Vita Linux and is a good place to start with for people who want to contribute. The priority is determined as follows: high - required for a usable environment, med - required to be livable on it, low - not needed but would be nice to have, extra - not needed at all but bonus points for anyone who gets it working.


Device Status Priority Links Notes
Framebuffer 0% High IFTU Registers
PMU 0% Med Pervasive SN99057
GPIO 0% Med GPIO Registers LEDs mostly
UART 0% High UART Registers UART Console Console, debugging
DSI 0% High DSI Registers Display interface
CSI 0% Low CSI Registers Camera interface
I2S 0% Med I2S Registers Audio
I2C 0% Med I2C Registers PMIC, camera, accelerometer, OLED brightness, clockgen, HDMI control
SPI 0% Med SPI Registers Syscon, accelerometer, OLED, touch scree?, touchpad?
SDIO 0% High SceSdif [1] eMMC, GC, Wifi/BT uses this. Standard SD interface.
MSIF 0% Low MSIF Registers SceMsif SceSblSsMgr MemoryStick
WLAN/BT 0% Med Marvell 88W878S-BKB2, SDIO interface
eMMC 0% High SDIO interface, standard chip
Gamecard 0% Med Game Card SDIO interface, extra auth (can be disabled and use sd2vita)
Memory Card 0% Low Memory Card MSIF interface, extra auth
GPU 0% Med GPU SGX543MP4+
USB 0% Med EHCI Ethernet, Audio codec, accessories
UDC 0% Low UDC SceUdcd Connecting to host PC
PSP 0% Extra PSP Emulator Custom MIPS
Codec 0% Extra Venezia Toshiba MeP based