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The .psp2kerndmp is a file containing failure information sent from the Development Kit to the pc host when the kernel fails


name size in byte
Header 0xC
File info 0x28 (+ variable?)
fault info variable

Parse for dumped file


Dump procedure

First, SceExcpmgr catches DABT or kernel panic fault in the kernel and executes individual handlers.

And finally DABT handler of lowest excpmgr with priority 7 calls panic_on_kernel_exception.

panic_on_kernel_exception collects some fault information and writes them to shared memory.

Also, if the unit is a development kit, it passes the failure information to the deci4p module via sysroot.

And the deci4p module encrypts the failure information only in the absence of specific qa flags before sending it to the pc host.

Note: In versions 3.500.011 and later, when the flag set by set_info_dump_flag is 1, ttyinfo is sent to the pc host instead of fault information, but due to a bug in the SCE code, most of the data sent is 0. increase

If you have a kerneldebug qaf this is not a problem as some deci4p modules later call set_info_dump_flag(0).

set_info_dump_flag(0) is also called when SceKernelBlueScreenOfDeath starts normally.