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Known NIDs

Version Name World Privilege NID
3.60 SceLibSsl Non-secure User 0x9CD6CA85


Known NIDs

Version Name World Visibility NID
3.60 SceSsl Non-secure User 0xCAF5F2E9
3.60 SceSslInternal Non-secure User 0x68D6C3FF


Internal Get CA

Obtains a certificate from vs0:data/external/cert/CA_LIST.cer. If unk, buf, and unk2 are zero, then get the size of the certificate. Otherwise, load the certificate (PEM) into buf. The file offset and size in CA_LIST.cer is hard coded into the function for each given id pair. There is also a hard coded list of SHA1 hashes for each certificate that is checked against before returning.

Version NID
3.60 0x064DFC99
int internal_get_ca(int id1, int id2, int unk, char *buf, int unk2, size_t *size);