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Known NIDs

Version Name World Privilege NID
1.69 SceSyscon Non-secure Kernel 0x250E65E7


Known NIDs

Version Name World Visibility NID
1.69 SceSysconForDriver Non-secure Kernel 0x60A35F64


Send command

Version NID
1.69 (non-secure) 0xE26488B9
int syscon_send_command(uint32_t id, void *args, int size);

Reset device

Version NID
1.69 (non-secure) 0x8A95D35C
int syscon_reset_device(int type, int unk);

The unk argument is usually set to 0x2 or sometimes 0x8002 (which seems to correspond to some request by the UDC and BT drivers).

The type argument determines what to do.

Type Description
0 Power of the device
1 Enter low-power (suspend) state.
17 Suspend and immediately resume (soft reset).