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Version World Privilege
1.69-3.60 Non-secure Kernel


Known NIDs

Version Name World Visibility NID
1.69 SceSysmodule Non-secure User 0x3FCF19D



Version NID
1.69 0x9A4AF1D
int sceSysmoduleIsLoadedInternal(uint32_t id);


Version NID
1.69 0x2399BF45
int sceSysmoduleLoadModuleInternal(uint32_t id);

The "internal" version of the calls ORs 0x40000000 with the id. It also takes in a 32-bit id (the non-internal ones use 16-bit ids).


Version NID
1.69 0x31D87805
int sceSysmoduleUnloadModule(uint16_t id);


Version NID
1.69 0x53099B7A
int sceSysmoduleIsLoaded(uint16_t id);


Version NID
1.69 0x79A0160A
int sceSysmoduleLoadModule(uint16_t id);


Version NID
1.69 0xA2F40C4C


Version NID
1.69 0xC3C26339
int sceSysmoduleLoadModuleInternalWithArg(uint32_t id, uint32_t argc, const void *argp, void *out);


Version NID
1.69 0xFF206B19
int sceSysmoduleUnloadModuleInternal(uint32_t id);

Undocumented Module IDs

While many IDs are documented in the SDK, there are some that are not. Note that the internal ones must be called with the "internal" load functions because they take 32-bit values.

ID Name Information
0x80000001 SceJpegEncArm
0x80000002 SceAudiocodec
0x80000003 SceJpegArm
0x80000004 SceLibG729
0x80000005 ScebXCe requires ScePaf to be loaded
0x80000006 SceIniFileProcessor requires ScePaf to be loaded
0x80000007 SceNpActivityNet
0x80000008 ScePaf
0x80000012 SceCommonDialogMain
0x8000001A SceNearProfile
0x8000001B SceNpFriendPrivacyLevel
0x8000001E SceNpKdc
0x80000021 SceNpMessageDlgImplPlugin
0x80000022 SceNpMessageContactsPlugin
0x80000023 SceDbrecoveryUtility
0x80000024 ScePromoterUtil
0x80000026 ScePartyMemberListPlugin
0x80000027 SceDrmPsmKdc