Secure Kernel

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Debug prints

secure_kernel supports tracing to a buffer.

Enabled by -7FF8h($gp) being non-zero. Out-buf address is stored in -7FF4($gp). It writes in a loop, 16 bytes at a time, inserting a null-terminator at buf[15] each "line".

After out-buf is written, writes 0x20000 to 0xE0000000. This will either signal ARM or disable ARM communications. Then inf-loop, this is a panic function.

Print types

Addresses are xored with a stack cookie that's fixed for all functions.

SuspendEncrypt BadAddr:                        00000003
SWI 1 BadAddr:                                 00000004
SWI 1 UnreachableCode:                         00000006
SWI 7 UnreachableCode:                         00000007
Addrcheck IntegerOverflow Food:                0000000B
Addrcheck IntegerOverflow Kernel:              0000000B
Addrcheck IntegerOverflow Module:              0000000C
IRQ register func w irq enabled:               0000000E
Force exit dmac w irq enabled:                 0000000F
Crypto irq enabled:                            00000010
Resuming suspendbuf w irq enabled:             00000012
Creating suspendbuf w irq enabled:             00000013
Reset:                                         00000014 <xored-exception-lr> <xored-exception-pc> <exception-lr>
RI:                                            00000015 <xored-exception-pc>
ZDIV:                                          00000016 <xored-exception-pc>
Trace:                                         00000017 <func-addr>
SWI 7:                                         00000018 <xored-r1>
DMAC when updating suspendbuf key:             00000019 <ret-val>
DMAC cmac bad enum:                            0000001A <enum-value>
Bad enum to suspend AES-CBC function:          0000001B <enum-value>
Generating new suspendbuf key failed:          0000001C
Creating suspendbuf w irq8 module-registered:  0000001D
Addrcheck IntegerOverflow Tz:                  0000001E
Addrcheck IntegerOverflow Tz2:                 0000001F
Bad ptr to suspend AES-CBC function:           00000020
IRQ register func w bad irq number:            00000022
Recieved unknown IRQ:                          00000023