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PL310 L2 Cache

The Vita uses the PL310 r3p1-50rel0 L2 cache (Cache ID Register = 0x410000C7) is is mapped to 0x1A002000.

RO Registers values

Offset Value Name
0x000 0x410000C7 Cache ID Register
0x004 0x1E440440 Cache Type Register

Configured values (by NSKBL)

Tag Latency Control Register is set to <1, 1, 1> (writes 0 to the L2 register), and Tag Latency Control Register to <2, 4, 2> (writes 0x131 to the L2 register).

Offset Value Name
0x100 0x00000001 Control Register
0x104 0x60090001 Auxiliary Control Register
0x108 0x00000000 Tag RAM Latency Control Register
0x10C 0x00000131 Data RAM Latency Control Register
0xF60 0x20000000 or 0x21000000 Prefetch Control Register
0xF80 0x00000002 Power Control Register

Auxiliary Control Register

Bit(s) Value Field name Description
0 1 Full Line of Zero Enable Full line of write zero behavior Enabled
16 1 Associativity 16-way
19:17 4 Way-size 128KB
29 1 Instruction prefetch enable Instruction prefetching enabled
30 1 Early BRESP enable Early BRESP enabled