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Elmo is the codename of the Power Management IC (PMIC) of the PS Vita. The PMIC is responsible for generating the various voltages required by Kermit and probably other devices on the board.


The Elmo PMIC is manufactured by Fujitsu. All models are part of the custom "MB44" series but the exact model used depends on the unit.

Ernie can communicate with Elmo via I²C.

MB44C026A on the PCH-1001 FCC application unit
MB44C032 on the PCH-2001 FCC application unit


Seen in: DEM-3000G, PDEL-1000 (IRT-002)

Date codes: 1021, 1139


Seen in: PCH-1001 FCC application unit, PCH-1xxx (IRS-002), VTE-1xxx (DOL-1001)

Date codes: 1125, 1149, 1221


Seen in: PCH-1000 (IRS-1001)

Date codes: 1240


Uses a black package instead of white/metallic.

Seen in: PCH-2001 FCC application unit, PCH-2000 (USS-1001)

Date codes: 1448, 1330