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Robin is the condename of the Wireless LAN and Bluetooth card contained in the PS Vita.


Marvell 88W878S-BKB2 is the chip used in the PS Vita OLED (PCH-1XXX) to support Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. It has a Marvell SD8787 based wifi module. It might share some similarities with Marvell Avastar 88W8787. It is connected to ?Kermit or Ernie? through SDIO interface.


See SceWlanBt, SceWlanBtRobinImageAx and SceSdif.

An open-source linux driver for Marvell SD8787 is named mwifiex and can be found at [1].

  • Robin firmware uses ARMv5TE processor architecture.
  • Robin firmware image is stored in wlanbt_robin_img_ax.skprx starting at offset 305 on System Software version 3.600.011.



Marvell SD8787 supports up to 150 Mbps for IEEE 802.11n, so the speed of PS Vita's 88W878S-BKB2 is probably severely nerfed. It is not sure yet whether the speed limitation comes from the OS through some commands, or the firmware itself.