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Secure Boot Loader Authentication Manager


Version World Privilege
1.69-3.60 Non-secure Kernel


Known NIDs

Version Name World Visibility NID
1.69-3.60 SceSblAuthMgrForKernel Non-secure Kernel 0x7ABF5135
1.69-3.60 SceSblAuthMgrForDriver Non-secure Kernel 0x4EB2B1BB


These functions are used for SELF decryption.


Version NID
0.931-3.60 0xA9CD2A09

Temp name was sceSblAuthMgrInvokeSMForKernel, sceSblAuthMgrSmStartForKernel.

// If initialization is successful - pHandle will be initialized to 1
int sceSblAuthMgrOpenForKernel(int *pHandle);


Version NID
0.931-3.60 0x026ACBAD

Temp name was sceSblAuthMgrStopSMForKernel, sceSblAuthMgrSmStopForKernel.

Issues kprx_auth_sm command -1.

// handle - obtained with sceSblAuthMgrOpenForKernel. handle must equal 1 for successful deinit.
int sceSblAuthMgrCloseForKernel(int handle);


Version NID
0.931-0.990 0xCAA38DF7

Creates SceSblAuthMgrZlibHeap.

int sceSblAuthMgrStartForKernel(void);


Version NID
0.931-0.990 0x6C1F5048

Deletes SceSblAuthMgrZlibHeap.

int sceSblAuthMgrStopForKernel(void);


Version NID
0.931-3.60 0xF3411881

Issues kprx_auth_sm command 0x10001

SceSblSmCommContext130 type is defined in SceSblSsSmComm.

?Read caller SELF Info using sceKernelGetSelfAuthInfoForKernel? then writes it to context_130->caller_self_auth_info.

Calls smc_137 and smc_134 that interact with F00D. F00D set context_130->called_self_auth_info.

// handle - obtained with sceSblAuthMgrOpenForKernel
int sceSblAuthMgrAuthHeaderForKernel(int handle, const void *pSelfHeader, SceSize SelfHeaderSize, SceSblSmCommContext130 *ctx130);


Version NID
0.931-3.60 0x89CCDA2C

Temp name was sceSblAuthMgrLoadSelfSegmentForKernel, sceSblAuthMgrLoadSegmentForKernel.

Issues kprx_auth_sm command 0x20001.

// handle - obtained with sceSblAuthMgrOpenForKernel

int sceSblAuthMgrSetupAuthSegmentForKernel(int handle, int segment_number, int segment_size, void *output_buffer, SceSize program_size);

int sceSblAuthMgrSetupAuthSegmentForKernel(int handle, int segment_number);


Version NID
0.931-3.60 0xBC422443

Temp name was sceSblAuthMgrLoadSelfBlockForKernel, sceSblAuthMgrLoadBlockForKernel.

Issues kprx_auth_sm command 0x30001

// handle - obtained with sceSblAuthMgrOpenForKernel
int sceSblAuthMgrAuthSegmentForKernel(int handle, void *buffer, SceSize len);


Version NID
0.990 0x15248FB4
// handle - obtained with sceSblAuthMgrOpenForKernel
int sceSblAuthMgrLoadSegmentInternalForKernel(int handle, int a2, unsigned int a3);


Version NID
1.05-3.60 0x122ACDEA

Issues kprx_auth_sm command 0x50001.

// key_size - in bytes
int sceSblAuthMgrSetDmac5KeyForKernel(const void *key, SceSize key_size, int slot_id, int key_id);


Version NID
0.990-3.60 0xF2BB723E

Issues kprx_auth_sm command 0x60001.

int sceSblAuthMgrClearDmac5KeyForKernel(int unk0, int unk1);


Version NID
3.60 0x2A83A012

Returns 0. May be an old function kept for compatibility.

int SceSblAuthMgrForKernel_2A83A012(void);


Version NID
3.60 0xABAB8466

Aligns version on 12 bits then compares to the hardcoded current firmware version (example: 0x03600000 on FW 3.60).

int sceSblAuthMgrCompareSwVersionForKernel(int version);



Version NID
0.990-3.60 0x868B9E9A

EKc might mean Encrypted Klicensee.

Issues kprx_auth_sm command 0x40001.

int sceSblAuthMgrGetEKcForDriver(void *data, SceSize size, int key_id);


Version NID
1.05-3.60 0x41DAEA12

Issues kprx_auth_sm command 0x70001.

// request should contain pair of keys and rif data

int sceSblAuthMgrDecBindDataForDriver(char* klicensee, int klicensee_len, char* request, int request_len, int zero);


Version NID
1.03-3.60 0x24C4CE64

Used by sceSblSpsfoMgrVerifyForDriver.

Issues kprx_auth_sm command 0x80001.

Spsfo (signed param.sfo) file is located in game cartridge at path gro0:gc/param.sfo. It can also be loaded from host0: on DevKit. It has 3 parts: CF header and certification, plain SceSpsfoHeader and plain SFO (maybe reduced).

typedef struct SceSpsfoHeader { // size is 0x200 usually
    int version;                  // ex: 1
    SceSize size;                 // header size
    uint64_t system_version;      // ex: 0x0330000000000110
    char titleid[0x20];
    uint64_t parent_authority_id; // ex: 0x2800000000000030
    uint64_t process_authority_id;
    char reserved[0x1C0];
} SceSpsfoHeader;

Note : SceSpsfoHeader and spsfo_ctx may be different
int sceSblAuthMgrVerifySpsfoForDriver(spsfo_ctx *ctx);