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File Structure

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x8 magic "pfsSKKey"
0x8 0x1 major version (always 2)
0x9 0x1 minor version (always 0)
0xA 0x6 00 Filler
0x10 0x10 IV
0x20 0x10 Encrypted key
0x30 0x20 HMAC Value

The first step is to check the HMAC of the file. The process is to use the HMAC key pfsSKKey__Secret from the Keys#PFS_Secret_Keys page to check the HMAC Value at position 0x30 in the file.

If it is correct, it proceeds to use the pfsSKKey__EncKey from the Keys#PFS_Secret_Keys to decrypt the Encrypted key at offset 0x20 using the IV at offset 0x10.


sealedkey data can be created using sceSblPostSsMgrEncryptSealedkeyForDriver

sealedkey data can be decrypted using sceSblPostSsMgrDecryptSealedkeyForDriver

main application of sealedkey is to store randomly generated secret which serves the same purpose as klicensee in PFS encryption.

sealedkey is created for savedata, trophies etc