Error codes

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These seem to be coming from various signature checks/crypto routines.

Name Hex Error code Remarks
0x800f0029 C1-6432-5 SceSblAuthMgrForKernel_0x89CCDA2C / SceSblAuthMgrForKernel_0xBC422443: Returned after a failed SceSblAuthMgrForKernel_0xF3411881 (?)
0x800f0516 C1-6703-6 SCE_SBL_ERROR_SRTC_EINVAL, happens when trying to run PSM
0x800f0616 C1-6761-0 SceSblAuthMgrForKernel_0xF3411881: FW version mismatch (?)
0x800f0b32 C1-7079-3 SceSblAuthMgrForKernel_0xF3411881: Invalid partition code