I2C Registers

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MMIO Interfaces

Name Physical address
SceI2c0Reg 0xE0500000
SceI2c1Reg 0xE0510000


Offset Size Description
0x00 4 Write FIFO
0x04 4 Read FIFO
0x08 4 Unknown
0x0C 4 Unknown
0x10 4 Device address (8 bits)
0x14 4 Flags
0x18 4 Speed
0x28 4 Interrupts

I2C Flags

Bit(s) Description
0 Start transfer / enable?
1 Start transfer / enable?
2 Transfer done
4 Transfer direction (0 = host to device, 1 = device to host)?
8-16 Transfer size

I2C Devices

I2C bus I2C Device address Device Description
1 0x18 SceMotionDev
0 0x34 SceCodec
? ?0x40? ?Pervasive#ScePervasiveMisc_.280xE3100000.29?. Read by Syscon UART RPC command 0x121.
? ?0x44? Unknown. Maybe read by some Syscon UART RPC command.
0 0x74 SceCamera (Camera0)
1 0x74 SceCamera (Camera1)
1 0x70 SceHdmi ADV7533 Packet Memory I2C Map Address
1 0x7A SceHdmi ADV7533 main address
1 0x7C SceHdmi ADV7533 CEC
1 0x7E SceHdmi ADV7533 EDID
1 0xC8 LCD brightness
0 0x94 Unknown.
0 0xD2 SceClockgen