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SELF files are a wrapper around encrypted ELF files. The encrypted header contains keys to decrypt each encrypted ELF program, which are decrypted and loaded individually. Because of this, a copy of the ELF headers and ELF program headers are stored in plain text next to the Certified File header.

Authority Id

8 bytes long. Located at offset 0x80 in PSVita SELF header.

sceAppMgrConvertVs0UserDrivePath checks the Authority Id to limit mount points.

0x2800000000008000 (SceWebCore eboot.bin - NPXS10017 / NPXS10037 on 1.69-3.01, replaced later by SceWebKit).

0x2800000000008003 (SceWebCore) can access vs0:data/external/cert/ and vs0:data/external/webcore/.

0x210000101CD20007 (PSM Dev Assistant can access vs0:data/external and vs0:sys/external.