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Version World Privilege
0.940-3.730.011 Non-secure Kernel


Known NIDs

Version Name World Visibility NID
0.940-3.730.011 SceDeci4pDfMgrForDebugger Non-secure Kernel 0x849E3DF5


typedef SceInt32 SceDfMgr_id; //ID returned by sceDfMgrOpen

typedef int (* SceDfMgrOpen_handler)(int a1, void *a2, void *args);

// Also used in sceSDfMgrOpenForKernel in System Software version 3.20
typedef struct SceDfMgrOpen_param_0940 { // Size is 0x1C-bytes
	SceSize size;
	uint32_t uProtocol;
	uint32_t unk8;
	uint32_t uVersion;
	uint32_t uVersionLimit;
	uint16_t unk14;  // ex: 0
	uint16_t unk16;  // ex: 1
	char *name;
} SceDfMgrOpen_param_0940;

typedef struct SceDfMgrOpen_param_360 { // Size is 0x38-bytes
	SceSize size;
	uint32_t uProtocol;
	uint32_t unk8;
	uint32_t uVersion;
	uint32_t uVersionLimit;
	uint16_t unk14;  // ex: 0
	uint16_t unk16;  // ex: 1
	char name[0x20];
} SceDfMgrOpen_param_360;

// sceDeci4pDfMgrRegisterSysEventForDebugger_internal_struct *pInfoInt = (sceDeci4pDfMgrRegisterSysEventForDebugger_internal *)(data_seg + 0x14); // max number of entries is 32
typedef struct sceDeci4pDfMgrRegisterSysEventForDebugger_internal_struct { // size is 0x54
	SceDfMgrOpen_handler handler;
	SceDfMgrOpen_param info;
	int data_0x3C;
	int data_0x40;
	int data_0x44;
	int data_0x48;
	int data_0x4C;
	int data_0x50;
} sceDeci4pDfMgrRegisterSysEventForDebugger_internal_struct;



Version NID
0.940-3.730.011 0x1CC6ED4B
SceInt32 sceDfMgrCloseForDebugger(SceDfMgr_id id);


Version NID
0.940-3.730.011 0x529979FB

Handler is called on reboot/standby/suspend/SceShell process create.

Up to 32 handles can be opened at a time, and (besides some exceptions) there should be no duplicate IDs (unk4 of a2).

// Returns an id (not UID) on success, < 0 on error.
// 0x80080004 -> no entry remaining (too many Open)
SceDfMgr_id sceDfMgrOpenForDebugger(SceDfMgrOpen_handler handler, SceDfMgrOpen_param *a2, void *args);


Version NID
0.940-3.730.011 0x5F2C7E11
// Returns received size on success, < 0 on error.
SceSSize sceDfMgrRecvForDebugger(SceDfMgr_id id, void* buf, SceSize size);


Version NID
0.940-3.730.011 0x6D26CC56

Writes val as a 3-byte unsigned integer to ptr.

void SceDeci4pDfMgrForDebugger_6D26CC56(void *ptr, SceUInt32 val);


Version NID
0.940-3.730.011 0x7EAE4FA2
SceInt32 sceDfMgrSendSpaceForDebugger(SceDfMgr_id id);


Version NID
0.940-3.730.011 0xBADEF855
SceInt32 sceDfMgrReqSendForDebugger(SceDfMgr_id id);


Version NID
0.940-3.730.011 0xC3390112
// Returns sent size on success, < 0 on error.
SceSSize sceDfMgrSendForDebugger(SceDfMgr_id id, const void* buf, SceSize size);


Version NID
0.940-3.730.011 0xCACAB5F9

Reads the value at ptr as a 3-byte unsigned integer.

SceUInt32 SceDeci4pDfMgrForDebugger_CACAB5F9(void *ptr);


Version NID
0.931.010-0.995.000 not present
2.500.071-3.730.011 0xD0CCF840