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Handles boots caused by USB enumeration of the console. The module is usually loaded by the System Configuration script when the console starts because of USB enumeration.


This module exists only in non-secure. The SELF path is os0:kd/enum_wakeup.skprx.

Version World Privilege
0.995-3.65 Non-secure Kernel


This module doesn't export any library.


This module usually shuts off the console after it's plugged into anything that triggers an USB enumeration. The module may also present the DevIcon.fil file to the device that triggers the enumaration (see Microsoft docs for more details on how this is used). Finally, this module also contains the Netpbm bitmap displayed by the console and displays it when turning on the unit while battery is too low.

The "No Battery" bitmap

In old firmwares, this module can also display a debug menu that allows to do the following:

  • change OLED Brightness
  • change ARM clock frequency
  • change BUS clock frequency
  • change GPU clock frequency

The menu also displays the remaining battery capacity, the battery life percent, voltage and temperature.

The menu is still partially present in latest firmwares but requires some QA flags to be set.