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Known NIDs

Version Name World NID
1.05 SceSblSmsched Secure ?


Known NIDs

Version Name World NID
1.05 SceSblSmSchedForTZS Secure 0x5a2e5c09



This library provides the following SMC handlers. Unless marked otherwise, all provided names are official.

ID Name
0x12D sceSblSmSchedInvokeMonitorCall
0x12E sceSblSmSchedWaitMonitorCall
0x12F sceSblSmSchedGetStatusMonitorCall
0x130 sceSblSmSchedKillMonitorCall
0x131 ? (no-op on 1.69)
0x132 ? (no-op on 1.69)
0x133 sceSblSmSchedUpdateMailbox1MonitorCall (unofficial name)
0x134 sceSblSmSchedReadArm2CryMonitorCall
0x135 sceSblSmSchedUpdateMailbox2MonitorCall (unofficial name)
0x136 sceSblSmSchedUpdateMailbox3MonitorCall (unofficial name)
0x137 sceSblSmSchedReadCry2ArmMonitorCall
0x138 ?
0x139 ?
0x13A ?
0x13B sceSblSmSchedDeleteAllAndReschedlMonitorCall (unofficial name)
0x13C ? (called by SceSblSsMgr just before going to suspend mode)

Function names

Note: These functions are not exported and do not have known NIDs. Unless marked otherwise, all provided names are official. Functions ending with "MonitorCall" are excluded from this table because they implement SMC and are documented above.

Name VA (1.05) VA (1.69)
sceSblSmSchedDeleteAll 0x51C3A1 0x51C3A9
sceSblSmSchedReschedule 0x51C611 0x51C62D
sceSblSmSchedAccessMailbox 0x51CD55 0x51CD69
sceSblSmSchedUpdateMailbox 0x51CE81 0x51CE91
sceSblSmSchedCry2Arm0IntHandler 0x51D045 0x51D13D
sceSblSmSchedCry2Arm123IntHandler 0x51D921 0x51D051
sceSblSmSchedWait 0x51DC99 0x51DC09
sceSblSmSchedKill 0x51DEED 0x51DE61