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Version Name World Privilege
1.69-3.60 SceVideoExport Non-secure User


Known NIDs

Version Name World Visibility NID
3.60 SceVideoExport Non-secure User 0xF0812A7C
3.60 SceVideoExportEmpr Non-secure User 0x3BA9B5E8
3.60 SceVideoExportData Non-secure User 0xFE94CA1D



Version NID
3.60 0x4F60A3C8
typedef struct SceVideoExportInputParam { // size is 0x408 on FW 3.60
   char path[1024];
   char reserved[64];
} SceVideoExportInputParam;

typedef struct SceVideoExportOutputParam { // size is 0x440 on FW 3.60
   char path[1024];
   char reserved[8];
} SceVideoExportOutputParam;

int sceVideoExportFromFile(const SceVideoExportInputParam *pInParam, int unk_one, void *workingMemory, void *cancelCb, void (*progress)(void*, int), void *user, int unk_zero, SceVideoExportOutputParam *pOutParam);



Version NID
3.60 0x8493BF31
typedef struct SceVideoExportEmprInputParam { // size is 0x458 on FW 3.60
   char path[1024];
   char unk_400[64];
   SceUInt32 unk_440;
   SceUInt32 unk_444;
   SceUInt32 unk_448;
   SceUInt32 unk_44C;
   SceUInt32 unk_450;
   SceSize some_size; // must be >= 0x10000
} SceVideoExportEmprInputParam;

typedef struct SceVideoExportEmprOutputParam { // size is 0x448 on FW 3.60
   char path[1024];
   SceUInt32 unk_400;
   SceUInt32 unk_404;
   char reserved[64];
} SceVideoExportEmprOutputParam;

int sceVideoExportEmprFromFile(const SceVideoExportEmprInputParam *pInParam, SceVideoExportEmprOutputParam *pOutParam);



Version NID
3.60 0x3488EA69

This is a guessed name.

Opens, create and mount videoexport.dat.

typedef struct SceVideoExportDataOpenParam { // size is 0x24 on FW 3.60
   SceUInt8 unk_0; // ex: 1
   SceUInt8 unk_1; // ex: 2
   SceUInt16 unk_2; // ex: 0
   SceUInt32 unk_4;
   SceUInt32 unk_8;
   SceUInt32 unk_C;
   SceUInt32 unk_10;
   SceUInt32 unk_14;
   SceUInt32 unk_18;
   SceUInt32 unk_1C;
   SceSize some_size; // must be >= 0x10000
} SceVideoExportDataOpenParam;

int sceVideoExportDataOpen(const SceVideoExportDataOpenParam *pParam);


Version NID
3.60 0x34953CC0

This is a guessed name.

Calls sceVideoExportFromFile with paths containing videoexport.dat and rec0:.

typedef struct SceVideoExportDataParam { // size is 0x40 on FW 3.60
   char reserved[64];
} SceVideoExportDataParam;

// pParam must be a zeroed buffer
int sceVideoExportData(const SceVideoExportDataParam *pParam);


Version NID
3.60 0x8DDE620F

This is a guessed name.

Writes to videoexport.dat.

int sceVideoExportDataWrite(void *buf, SceSize size);