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The UART0 is a debugging console. The logic level is 1.8V.

PlayStation TV UART0 location

Pstv uart0.png

OLED Vita UART0 location


Two ways of using UART0. First is to solder directly to the testpads near the PMIC (yellow and cyan points). The second way is through the multi-connector or the testpads above it (blue and red points). To use the multi-connector points though, you need either to tell the syscon to select the Kermit UART (procedure currently unknown) or manually flip the switch (green point to 1.8V).

The switch is controlled by a TS3A5018 chip and the RTS gate is a TC7WG126FK chip.

OLED Vita UART5 location

It is on the PCI-E connector pins 8,10,12,14 is RFR, CTS, TX, RX. On Wifi Vita units, you need to fill in the 88ohm termination resistors (or just short the pads) and some way to enable it (not known yet).

UART Initialization

kscePervasiveUartClockEnable(uart_bus); // Turn on clock
kscePervasiveUartResetDisable(uart_bus); // Out of reset
 * Use UART bus
 * ...
kscePervasiveUartResetEnable(uart_bus); // Put to reset
kscePervasiveUartClockDisable(uart_bus); // Turn off clock