UART Console

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The UART0 is a debugging console. The logic level is 1.8V.

PlayStation TV UART0 location

Pstv uart0.png

OLED Vita UART5 location

It is on the PCI-E connector pins 8,10,12,14 is RFR, CTS, TX, RX. On Wifi Vita units, you need to fill in the 88ohm termination resistors (or just short the pads).

UART Initialization

ScePervasiveForDriver_EFD084D8(uart_bus); // Turn on clock
ScePervasiveForDriver_A7CE7DCC(uart_bus); // Out of reset
 * Use UART bus
 * ...
ScePervasiveForDriver_788B6C61(uart_bus); // Put to reset
ScePervasiveForDriver_18DD8043(uart_bus); // Turn off clock