Kernel Boot Loader

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Kernel Boot Loader ELF consists of 4 segments: SKBL reset vector, SKBL segment 0, SKBL segment 1, NSKBL.

SKBL Segment 0

FW 3.60

Start offset End offset Size Comments
0x0 ?0x1AA3F? ?0x1AA40? SKBL executable code
?0x1AA40? ?0x8EC? 0x1B32C some SKBL data
0x1B32C 0x273C3 0xC098? SceSysmem.elf (ARZL compressed)
0x273C4 0x297EB 0x2428 SceExcpmgr.elf
0x297EC 0x2B507 0x1D1C SceKernelIntrMgr.elf
0x2B508 0x2CD27 0x1820 SceKernelBusError.elf
0x2CD28 0x3094F 0x3C28 SceSblSmsched.elf
0x30950 0x3438F 0x3A40 SceDriverTzs.elf
0x34390 0x370C7 0x2D38 some SKBL data

SKBL Segment 1

To be studied.