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Main table

Start End Size World Comments
0x00000000 0x00007FFF 0x8000 NS/S ARM Boot. Alias of physical address 0x1F000000 i.e. ScePower scratchpad.
0x00040000 0x0005FFFF 0x20000 S MeP boot. Mirror of physical address 0x00800000.
0x00300000 0x0030FFFF 0x10000 S cmep icache
0x00310000 0x0031FFFF 0x10000 S cmep icache tag
0x00320000 0x0032FFFF 0x10000 S cmep dcache
0x00330000 0x0033FFFF 0x10000 S cmep dcache tag
0x004B0000 0x005FFFFF 0x150000 S Reverved for Venezia
0x00600000 0x007FFFFF 0x200000 S Reserved for MeP
0x00800000 0x0081FFFF 0x20000 S cmep 128KiB SRAM. second_loader, secure kernel, sm location.
0x1A000000 0x1A001FFF 0x2000 NS/S ARM. SceInterruptControllerReg, ScePeriphReg, Interrupts (PERIPHBASE). Stores SCU_CONTROL_REG, SCU_SAC_REG.
0x1A002000 0x1A002FFF 0x1000 NS/S ARM. ScePl310Reg, SceL2CacheReg, L2 Cache Controller. Stores SCU_CONFIG_REG, PL310_CACHE_ID, PL310_CACHE_TYPE.
0x1C000000 0x1C1FFFFF 0x200000 NS/S Compatibility SRAM. SRAM used by SKBL to store ARZL decoded SceSysmem, SceDisplay / SceCamera SRAM (only 960x544 pixels * 4 bytes = 0x1FE000 bytes mapped), PspEmu Tachyon-eDRAM.
0x1F000000 0x1F007FFF 0x8000 NS/S SPAD32K, ScePowerScratchPad32KiB. After suspend, SKBL stores there "Non-secure power.kprx resume" using suspendinfo then jumps to it.
0x1F840000 0x1F85FFFF 0x20000 NS/S SPAD128K. SceVeneziaSpram. Stores Secure Kernel on boot.
0x20000000 0x27FFFFFF 0x8000000 NS VRAM. Graphics bar
0x30000000 ? ? S Unknown. Used by first_loader (proto:0x5C398) and second_loader (3.60:0x808208)
0x40000000 0x401FFFFF on FWs < 3.50

0x401FFFFF on FWs >= 3.50

0x300000 on FWs < 3.50

0x200000 on FWs >= 3.50

S Secure DRAM
0x40300000 on FWs < 3.50

0x40200000 on FWs >= 3.50

0xBFFFFFFF 0x7FD00000 on FWs < 3.50

0x7FE00000 on FWs >= 3.50

NS/S Non-secure Shared DRAM
0xC0000000 0xDFFFFFFF 0x20000000 NS/S Reserved for Venezia. Maybe unused.
0xE0000000 0xE00FFFFF 0x100000 S Control Register. cmep
0xE0100000 0xE0100FFF 0x1000 NS SceGpio1Reg
0xE0400000 0xE0400FFF 0x1000 NS SceDmacmgrDmac4Reg
0xE0410000 0xE0410FFF 0x1000 NS SceDmacmgrDmac5Reg
0xE0420000 0xE0420FFF 0x1000 NS SceI2s0Reg
0xE0430000 0xE0430FFF 0x1000 NS SceI2s1Reg
0xE0440000 0xE0440FFF 0x1000 NS SceI2s2Reg
0xE0450000 0xE0450FFF 0x1000 NS SceI2s3Reg
0xE0460000 0xE0460FFF 0x1000 NS SceI2s5Reg
0xE0470000 0xE0470FFF 0x1000 NS SceI2s4Reg
0xE0490000 0xE0490FFF 0x1000 NS SceI2s7Reg
0xE04A0000 0xE04A0FFF 0x1000 NS SceSrcMix0Reg
0xE04B0000 0xE04B0FFF 0x1000 NS SceSrcMix1Reg
0xE04C0000 0xE04C0FFF 0x1000 NS SceSrcMix2Reg
0xE04D0000 0xE04D3FFF 0x4000 NS SceSpdifReg
0xE04DC000 0xE04DCFFF 0x1000 NS SceAclkgenReg
0xE04E0000 0xE04E0FFF 0x1000 NS/S SceDmacmgrKeyringReg, SceSblDMAC5DmacKRBase, DMAC Register base
0xE0500000 0xE0500FFF 0x1000 NS SceI2c0Reg
0xE0510000 0xE0510FFF 0x1000 NS SceI2c1Reg
0xE0900000 0xE0900FFF 0x1000 NS SceMsif
0xE0A00000 0xE0A00FFF 0x1000 NS SceSpi0Reg (SceSyscon)
0xE0A10000 0xE0A10FFF 0x1000 NS SceSpi1Reg (SceMotionDev)
0xE0A20000 0xE0A20FFF 0x1000 NS SceSpi2Reg (SceOled)
0xE0B00000 0xE0B00FFF 0x1000 NS SceSdif0
0xE0C00000 0xE0C00FFF 0x1000 NS SceSdif1
0xE0C10000 0xE0C10FFF 0x1000 NS SceSdif2
0xE0C20000 ? ? ? SceSdif3 (not present on FW 1.69, does FW 3.60 use only NSKBL?)
0xE2030000 0xE209FFFF 0x70000 NS SceUartReg
0xE20A0000 0xE20A0FFF 0x1000 NS SceGpio0Reg / SceLedReg
0xE20A1000 0xE20AFFFF 0xF000 NS SceLedReg
0xE20B1000 0xE20B5FFF 0x5000 NS SceLongRangeTimerReg
0xE20B6000 0xE20B6FFF 0x1000 NS SceLT5, Clock in usec (part of SceLongRangeTimerReg)
0xE20B7000 0xE20BDFFF 0x7000 NS SceWordTimerReg
0xE20BE000 0xE20BEFFF 0x1000 S? SceTimerForUsleep (part of SceWordTimerReg)
0xE20C0000 0xE20C0FFF 0x1000 NS ScePwmReg
0xE3000000 0xE3000FFF 0x1000 NS SceDmacmgrDmac0Reg
0xE3010000 0xE3010FFF 0x1000 NS SceDmacmgrDmac1Reg
0xE3020000 0xE3020FFF 0x1000 NS SceCif0Reg
0xE3030000 0xE3030FFF 0x1000 NS SceCif1Reg
0xE3050000 0xE3050FFF 0x1000 NS SceCsi0Reg
0xE3060000 0xE3060FFF 0x1000 NS SceCsi1Reg
0xE3100000 0xE3100FFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveMisc
0xE3101000 0xE3101FFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveResetReg
0xE3102000 0xE3102FFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveGate
0xE3103000 0xE3103FFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveBaseClk
0xE3104000 0xE3104FFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveVid
0xE3105000 0xE3105FFF 0x1000 NS SceUartClkgenReg
0xE3106000 0xE3106FFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveMailboxReg
0xE3108000 0xE3108FFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveTas0
0xE3109000 0xE3109FFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveTas1
0xE310A000 0xE310AFFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveTas2
0xE310B000 0xE310BFFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveTas3
0xE310C000 0xE310CFFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveTas4
0xE310D000 0xE310DFFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveTas5
0xE310E000 0xE310EFFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveTas6
0xE310F000 0xE310FFFF 0x1000 NS ScePervasiveTas7
0xE3110000 0xE3110FFF 0x1000 NS SPM32, SPM128, Compati SRAM, ScePervasive2Reg, SceUdcd0
0xE3200000 0xE3200FFF 0x1000 S Base Debug ROM Table
0xE3203000 0xE3203FFF 0x1000 NS SceTpiuReg
0xE3204000 0xE3204FFF 0x1000 NS SceFunnelReg
0xE3205000 0xE3205FFF 0x1000 NS SceItmReg
0xE3300000 0xE3300FFF 0x1000 S ARM Cortex-A9 Debug ROM Table
0xE3310000 0xE3310FFF 0x1000 NS SceDbg0Reg, Debugger Interface
0xE3311000 0xE3311FFF 0x1000 NS ScePmu0Reg
0xE3312000 0xE3312FFF 0x1000 NS SceDbg1Reg, Debugger Interface
0xE3313000 0xE3313FFF 0x1000 NS ScePmu1Reg
0xE3314000 0xE3314FFF 0x1000 NS SceDbg2Reg, Debugger Interface
0xE3315000 0xE3315FFF 0x1000 NS ScePmu2Reg
0xE3316000 0xE3316FFF 0x1000 NS SceDbg3Reg, Debugger Interface
0xE3317000 0xE3317FFF 0x1000 NS ScePmu3Reg
0xE3318000 0xE3318FFF 0x1000 NS SceCti0Reg
0xE3319000 0xE3319FFF 0x1000 NS SceCti1Reg
0xE331A000 0xE331AFFF 0x1000 NS SceCti2Reg
0xE331B000 0xE331BFFF 0x1000 NS SceCti3Reg
0xE331C000 0xE331CFFF 0x1000 NS ScePtm0Reg
0xE331D000 0xE331DFFF 0x1000 NS ScePtm1Reg
0xE331E000 0xE331EFFF 0x1000 NS ScePtm2Reg
0xE331F000 0xE331FFFF 0x1000 NS ScePtm3Reg
0xE3320000 0xE3323FFF 0x4000 NS ARM-VFP. SceIntrmgrVfpIntRegs
0xE4020000 0xE4020FFF 0x1000 NS USB2_OHCI. SceUsbdEhci
0xE40B0000 0xE40B0FFF 0x1000 NS SceUsbdEhci
0xE40C0000 0xE40C0FFF 0x1000 NS SceUdcd1
0xE40D0000 0xE40D0FFF 0x1000 NS SceUdcd2
0xE40E0000 0xE40E0FFF 0x1000 NS SceUsbdEhci
0xE5000000 0xE5000FFF 0x1000 NS SceDmacmgrDmac2Reg
0xE5010000 0xE5010FFF 0x1000 NS SceDmacmgrDmac3Reg
0xE5020000 0xE5020FFF 0x1000 NS SceIftu0RegA (OLED FB)
0xE5021000 0xE5021FFF 0x1000 NS SceIftu0RegB
0xE5022000 0xE5022FFF 0x1000 NS SceIftuc0Reg
0xE5030000 0xE5030FFF 0x1000 NS SceIftu1RegA (HDMI FB)
0xE5031000 0xE5031FFF 0x1000 NS SceIftu1RegB
0xE5032000 0xE5032FFF 0x1000 NS SceIftuc1Reg
0xE5040000 0xE5040FFF 0x1000 NS SceIftu2Reg
0xE5050000 0xE5050FFF 0x1000 NS SceDsi0Reg
0xE5060000 0xE5060FFF 0x1000 NS SceDsi1Reg
0xE5070000 0xE5070FFF 0x1000 NS SceCompatMailbox
0xE5071000 0xE5071FFF 0x1000 NS SceCompatLCDDMA
0xE50C0000 0xE50C0FFF 0x1000 NS SceDmacmgrDmac6Reg
0xE50D0000 0xE50D1FFF 0x2000 NS Debug/PA, ScePfmReg, SceDeci4pDtracepPaReg
0xE5800000 0xE580FFFF 0x10000 NS SceSDbgSdio0
0xE5810000 0xE581FFFF 0x10000 NS SceDbgSdio1
0xE5880000 0xE5889FFF 0x10000 ? LPDDR2 I/F CH1. LPDDR2SUB (1st 256MiB DRAM bank config regs) (?)
0xE6000000 0xE6009FFF 0x10000 ? LPDDR2 I/F CH0. LPDDR2"TOP" (2nd 256MiB DRAM bank config regs) (?). Stores DDRSC_CONF.
0xE8000000 0xE8001FFF 0x2000 S SceSonyRegbus. GPU Control
0xE8100000 0xE8100FFF 0x1000 NS/S SceCompatSharedSram (0xBFC00000 in PSP)
0xE8200000 0xE8200FFF 0x1000 S SceEmcTop (External Memory Controller, VRAM?)
0xE8300000 0xE8301FFF 0x2000 S SceGrab
0xE8400000 0xE841FFFF 0x20000 NS SceSGX543Reg. See SGX543.
0xEC000000 ? ? ? Mapped by SKBL
0xEC060000 ? ? ? Mapped by SKBL. Maybe related to cmep reset.
0xED000000 ? ? ? Mapped by SKBL
0xEE000000 ? ? ? Mapped by SKBL
0xF0000000 ? ? ? Reserved for Venezia

Secure DRAM

FW 0.931 Secure DRAM

On FW 0.931, SKBL is stored at physical address 0x50000000. So, on FW 0.931, which data are stored at 0x40040000? Is it even considered as Secure DRAM?

ARZL compressed NSKBL is kept in place inside SKBL segment 0 (at offset 0x37100) til ARZL decoding to Non-secure DRAM at physical address 0x51000000.

FWs 0.990-0.995 Secure DRAM

On FWs 0.990-0.995, SKBL segment 0 starts at physical address 0x40040000.

ARZL compressed NSKBL is extracted from a kernel_boot_loader segment to Non-secure DRAM at physical address 0x50000000. It is then ARZL decoded to Non-secure DRAM at physical address 0x51000000.

FWs >=0.996 Secure DRAM

Since FW 0.996, SKBL segment 0 starts at physical address 0x40020000. This change could have come from the increasing SKBL segment 0 size with revisions.

FW 3.60 Secure DRAM

Start End Size Comments
0x40000000 0x400000BF 0xC0 SKBL Reset Vector
0x40000500 0x400099FF 0x9500 kprx_auth_sm.self. This area is also used as a scratchpad at boot.
0x40009B00 0x4000A27F 0x780 prog_rvk.srvk
0x4001FD00 0x4001FEFF 0x100 SceKblParam with magic not set
0x40020000 0x400570C7 0x370C8 SKBL segment 0
0x40057100 0x400571DF 0xE0 SKBL segment 1
0x40073570 0x4007376F 0x200 SceKblParam

Non-secure Shared DRAM

This region is used by both Secure and Non-Secure Kernel Boot Loaders, and by Secure Kernel modules.

Start End Size Comments
0x40200000 on FW 3.60, 0x40300000 on FW 1.69 0x4FFFFFFF 0x0FE00000 on FW 3.60, 0x0FD00000 on FW 1.69 TrustZone region. ?First 0x1000 bytes are a Reset Vector named SceKernelReset whose first 0x100 bytes are identical as in uncompressed NSKBL (need to check)?
0x50000000 0x50FFFFFF 0x1000000 ARZL compressed NSKBL. Comes from one of kernel_boot_loader.self segments.
0x51000000 0x51FFFFFF 0x1000000 SceBootKernelImage. Uncompressed NSKBL. Comes from ARZL compressed NSKBL.
0x52000000 0x5FFFFFFF 0xE000000 Non-secure kernel and usermode modules
0x60000000 0x7FFFFFFF 0x20000000 DevKit additional 512MiB. LDDR2TOP.
0x80000000 0x9FFFFFFF 0x20000000 DevKit additional 512MiB. LDDR2SUB. For perf (not published anywhere).
0xA0000000 0xBFFFFFFF 0x20000000 DevKit additional 512MiB. LDDR2SUB. For perf (not published anywhere, disabled).

NSKBL Layout

NSKBL on FW 0.931

ARZL encoded size: 0x2541B.

NSKBL on FW 3.60

Start End Size Comments
0x51000000 0x51028087 0x28088 NSKBL Text segment
??? ??? ??? NSKBL Data segment


  • The first 0xC0 bytes of the Text segment are the reset vector.
  • NSKBL is mapped in RWX mode so it may write itself to text segment.


Each cmep device has its own physical memory area.

Start End Comments
0xE0000000 0xE000FFFF ARM/F00D communication F00D Communication Ports
0xE0010000 0xE001FFFF cmep Reset
0xE0020000 0xE002FFFF Unknown device. See ReadAs. Related to DMA.
0xE0030000 0xE003FFFF F00D Key Ring Controller. ?EEPROM programmer?
0xE0040000 0xE004FFFF F00D Math Processor (Bignum worker)
0xE0050000 0xE0050FFF? Bigmac crypto engine, similar to DMAC5
0xE0058000 0xE0067FFF F00D Keyring Regs F00D Key Ring Base. EEPROM / Bigmac key rings, 0x800 entries, 0x20 bytes for each key ring
0xE0070000 ? SceEmmcController
0xE00C0000 0xE00CFFFF ?

Interrupt registers

Start End Comments
0xE3100138 0xE310013B BEATB
0xE310013C 0xE310013F BEADR
0xE3110D80 0xE3110D83 BET0
0xE3110D90 0xE3110D93 BET1
0xE3110D94 0xE3110D97 BEBT
0xE3000110 0xE3000113 DMAC0 - address
0xE3000114 0xE3000117 DMAC0 - attribute
0xE3010110 0xE3010113 DMAC1 - address
0xE3010114 0xE3010117 DMAC1 - attribute
0xE5000110 0xE5000113 DMAC2 - address
0xE5000114 0xE5000117 DMAC2 - attribute
0xE5010110 0xE5010113 DMAC3 - address
0xE5010114 0xE5010117 DMAC3 - attribute
0xE0400810 0xE0400813 DMAC4 - address
0xE0400814 0xE0400817 DMAC4 - attribute
0xE50C0110 0xE50C0113 DMAC6 - address
0xE50C0114 0xE50C0117 DMAC6 - attribute
0xE3110D14 0xE3110D17 SPM32 - address
0xE3110D18 0xE3110D1B SPM32 - attribute
0xE3110D04 0xE3110D07 SPM128 - address
0xE3110D08 0xE3110D0B SPM128 - attribute
0xE600C008 0xE600C00B LPDDR2 I/F CH0 - address
0xE600C000 0xE600C003 LPDDR2 I/F CH0 - attribute
0xE588C008 0xE588C00B LPDDR2 I/F CH1 - address
0xE588C000 0xE588C003 LPDDR2 I/F CH1 - attribute
0xE310013C 0xE310013F Pervasive - address
0xE3100138 0xE310013B Pervasive - attribute
0xE50D10F0 0xE50D10F3 Debug/PA - address
0xE50D10F4 0xE50D10F7 Debug/PA - attribute
0xE3110D34 0xE3110D37 Pervasive2 - address
0xE3110D38 0xE3110D3B Pervasive2 - attribute
0xE580FFF0 0xE580FFF3 SDIO0 - address
0xE580FFF4 0xE580FFF7 SDIO0 - attribute
0xE581FFF0 0xE581FFF3 SDIO1 - address
0xE581FFF4 0xE581FFF7 SDIO1 - attribute

PSP Emulator

PSP Emulator memory map